Spotify’s Co-founder, Daniel Ek, recently has admitted, that “Spotify has not made it easy for its users to buy music, that is where we need to improve.”

Their first step to making these improvements comes in the form of easier access to buying certain albums. From today you will be able to click on any song that appears on Spotify that’s also in 7digital catalogue, which should exclusively feature a “BUY NOW” button below the accompanying artwork.

Before you had to click on the track to first right click and check if it was available to buy, then carry on with the dirty gumpf that is your web browser and try to be as patient as possible while you buy it. As well as making it easier to identify the albums that are available to buy, you no longer are sent to an outside website any more, a tidy looking window appears within the app, your shown the quality of the music, (kbps) and then given a gentle prompt into where your details go. Once you’ve clicked the right boxes your music starts downloading.


You can also find everything you have ever bought through the service, which sits in the upper corner next to your Radio/Play Que tabs. From here you can move them around your computer as you wish, they’re MP3’s so you can import them around as you wish, stick em in your iTunes or just put them in another playlist.

Spotify has also just released a video of its new features:

Disclosure: RoueNote is a partner of Spotify.