Spotify’s new call-to-action cards bring interactive ads to podcasts

Image Credit: Spotify

Good news for podcast advertisers, as tests show twice as many site visits with new clickable ads compared to non-clickable podcast ads.

According to eMarketer, in the U.S., mobile time spent listening to audio content is now outpacing time spent on social media, video and gaming. That’s why Spotify are implementing new ways for advertisers to earn revenue without interrupting the listeners audio experience. Over the past year, Spotify have introduced many ways for creators to directly interact with audiences through audio, whether its video podcasts, Q&As or Polls. Call-to-audio cards in podcast ads, builds on Spotify’s interactivity features.

CTA cards are a benefit for advertisers and listeners alike. Listeners are saved from having to remember promo codes or URLs to access discounts on sponsored content. Hoping to provide a seamless experience, listeners are just a tap away from the advertised content, while advertisers are given key insights on campaign performance, with metrics like clicks, frequency and confirmed ad impressions. Ads appear while the ad is playing and are available later when browsing the Spotify app. For advertisers, the visual element may also entice potential customers, thanks to customizable images, text and clickable buttons.

Image Credit: Spotify

Interactive Spotify Podcast ads were first tested way back in June 2020. CTA cards are starting on select Spotify Original & Exclusive podcasts in the U.S., beginning this week. Advertisers can find more details here.

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