Unfortunately Spotify have confirmed that they are getting rid of listener counts for the playlists where artists were discovered.

Spotify have confirmed that they’re getting rid of how many listeners have streamed artists in the playlists they’re featured in. The feature gave an insight into the power of playlists by showing the streaming discoveries in each artist’s ‘Discovered On’ section.

CzechFencer said on Spotify’s forum that after they updated their Spotify client on Mac OS they found that listeners had disappeared from Discovered On. To many users’ dismay it was confirmed by a Spotify member of staff that the latest update for Mac OS removed the feature.

Ivan, a moderator on their Community website, said that “in the future, this info will only be available to artists and won’t be shared publicly”. Thankfully it will still be available for artists to see how they are being listened to in public playlists, but it seems a shame to get rid of it otherwise.

Listeners can of course still see how many monthly listeners each artist gets when they head to their Artist page on Spotify.