Spotify add polls to podcasts to get listeners involved

Spotify are experimenting with polls to let podcasters and their audience interact and have their say on topics and discussions.

Spotify’s new polls offers some much needed community interaction with the platform. The feature is being tested on their podcasts and allows podcast creators and hosts to post a question or discussion topic and let fans choose their response form a list.

With podcasts exploding in popularity on Spotify it makes sense for them to introduce some interactivity. Community features on the past haven’t really worked, when the platform was still primarily music streaming, but with podcasts the potential for communal features and discussion are huge.

Podcast polls can be placed on individual episodes where listeners will be able to find them at the bottom of the episode page. They’re currently testing the feature on some of their Spotify-exclusive and original shows.

They’re being made available on the iOS and Android app at first but will be expanding it so that polls are available on all platforms soon. They haven’t said whether they will make the option to create polls available to all podcast creators or keep it only to Spotify exclusive and original shows.

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