SiriusXM are making online radio cheap for students

SiriusXM have launched a new plan for students to take all of their favourite radio stations out of the car at a new low cost.

SiriusXM have built a business sound-tracking car rides with online radio offering a plethora of channels to suit any drivers’ tastes. In the last year they’ve been looking to take their service outside of the car with onew streaming plans at a lower cost for smartphones and tablets.

They now offer student subscriptions at the low price of $4 a month. The student bundle will offer the full line-up of Sirius XM’s 200+ music and chat stations for streaming on various devices outside of the car but, as with their new plans launched this year, won’t include in-car streaming.

SiriusXM Outside the Car Vice President, Matt Epstein said: “Today’s college students grew up listening to SiriusXM in their parent’s car, and now we have a package built just for them. Our Student Premier Package enables students to have their own subscription and continue to enjoy the SiriusXM programming they love in their dorm room, at home or on the go. We’re delivering students an incredible selection of content, including the newly launched Personalised Stations Powered by Pandora, Xtra channels, SiriusXM Video, and more, all at a great price.”

Students will be able to listen on the plan on smartphones and tablets as well as on the web player and a range of connected devices like Alexa and Amazon Fire TV. Students can listen to SiriusXM’s stations including their new Personalised Stations Powered by Pandora which creates a personal station based on each users’ unique tastes.

If you’re a student you can sign up to SiriusXM’s student package here.

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