Sennheiser think they’ve created the new standard for audiophiles with their new cans offering an “unparalleled listening experience”.

Sennheiser have revealed a newcomer joining their high-end Audiophile range of headphones. The new model may cause controversy though with a closed back design that Sennheiser promise performs as well as, if not better, than open back headphones.

Sennheiser’s upcoming HD 820 phones introduce an innovative technology that allows them to play spectacular quality sound that feels natural. The 820 HD is an evolution of the HD 800 S but introduces a wide open sound with closed backs. They work using a concave glass sheet to reflect the sound waves into an absorber to create minimal resonance.

The HD 820 headphones are all about how they sound brilliant with diverse technology created an authentic open sound without even being open. Sennheiser are also incredibly proud of the rest of the build with handcrafted ear pads that are “extra comfortable”, silvercladded OFC cables and gold plated plugs, and metal headband with an inner damping element.

Sennheiser’s HD 820 bring exceptional audio quality straight to your ears but it comes with a steep price tag. When they launch a pair of these will set you back £1,999/$2,399. It’s a lot for a pair of headphones, but for audiophiles they could be the next bar for audio manufacturers.