Here at RouteNote we have always received a lot of attention for our FREE distribution service. However, we have long offered a Premium distribution service which allows artists and labels from all over the world distribute their music to the worlds largest stores and streaming services and keep 100% of the royalties.

Unlike other Premium services RouteNote allows you to keep 100% of the royalties from all the services (including YouTube Content ID).


  • $10 for a Single
  • $20 for an EP
  • $30 Album
  • $45 for Extended Album
  • $9.99 per release from second year onward.

Best of all we allow artists to move their releases between our Free and Premium models depending upon what makes more financial sense for them.

RouteNote prides itself on offering artists and labels the best possible service to allow them to succeed. We are always adding to our services and artists and labels can expect amazing customer service and a lot more opportunities to come!

Sign up at RouteNote today for Free to get started and build your first release.