RouteNote Sessions presents Raging Speedhorn playing Hammer Down at The Yard

Raging Speedhorn took to the stage at The Yard recently for a mind-blowingly heavy performance.

We’re so thrilled that RouteNote Sessions are back bringing you the best in independent artists and major performances. They recently attended The Yard to record the heavy, earth-shaking riffs of Orange Goblin, Raging Speedhorn, White Raven Down, and Mother Vulture.

The latest from that incredible day of metal militia taking to the stage sees the release of Raging Speedhorn’s Hammer Down. Hold on to your heads as they’re about to be blown away by this intense performance from the untameable hard rockers.

Keep your eyes peeled to the RouteNote Sessions channel for many more performances from this day of heavy hitters. After you’ve watched Raging Speedhorn (at least 10 times, let’s admit it) then head over to listen to the incredible performance from White Raven Down.

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RouteNote Sessions release the final three live performances from British heavy metal band Raging Speedhorn at The Yard.

Raging Speedhorn return with Dogshit Blues

We have another killer video for you from Raging Speedhorn’s explosive performance at The Yard.

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