The Voicelive 3 will change your live performances forever with brand new vocal harmony modes and rockin’ guitar effects.

What is it?

This amazing pedal is the latest in the leading series of products from TC Helicon and has so much to offer from state of the art vocal effects to brand new guitar sounds and an easy to use looper setting. The Voicelive has always been the pinnacle of vocal effects but in the latest model they have really worked all you need into one unit.

It contains over 200 Vocal FX with hundred’s more available to download, these include such a wide range of features from harmony modes to octave shifts to hair raising reverb’s.

The guitar effects that this pedal comes with are also definitely something to rave about with over 180 different styles available, you can transport your sound to any era. The pedal has built in reverb and delay controls separate to any preset function meaning you can switch on and off reverb and delay at the press of a button. You can also change the quality of the given effect to your personalised needs within the console.


Whats New?

As I mentioned earlier, a very exciting new development with the Voicelive 3 is the added looper setting. This is a single button looper switch meaning you can easily and quickly add loops to your live performance, you can do this by simply tapping the ‘looper’ foot switch once to record and tapping again to playback.

Another new feature is three new harmony modes:

Pedal : Sings the root note of any given chord you are playing at any time.

Fixed : Allows you to set a fixed note that it will keep to throughout.

Mixed: The capability to mix between Pedal, Scale, Fixed and combine them all creating endless possibility’s.

Other new features include a brand new Vocoder with voice controlled synth and robot modes, choice of amp emulations and new bass and wah effects. Find the full list of new features on the TC Helicon website here – Voicelive 3 Features

Our Thoughts

Testing this out for me was a great deal of fun, I added the Voicelive 3 into my live set-up and tested it out both in the privacy of our studio and at a live gig setting. I would suggest this pedal for any singer/songwriter looking to create a bigger sound with minimal equipment. Due to its compact size, its the perfect pedal to take to a gig and be able to use on its own without bringing a whole pedal board.


  • Every effect you want in one box which saves carrying around lots of gear
  • Ultimate flexibility on sounds and features
  • Huge banks of preset effects


  • Can be complicated to the average user
  • Real-time editing and changing between sounds will need some practice
  • The price is quite high coming in at around £450