RouteNote’s New Music Releases 4th June, 2021: Four new hits to discover that are perfect for the warmer weather.

Here at RouteNote we distribute thousands of tracks from a variety of artists across the globe (for free) and each release is brilliant in its own right. However, now and then there will be a song (or songs) that really catches our attention. We wanted to highlight these said songs on a weekly basis in this new music releases feature for you to enjoy!

PW Music – Jolene

At first glance, you’d think that this is yet another cover track of the famous Dolly Parton track, but you’d be woefully mistaken. PW Music’s ‘Jolene’ is a Swedish dance-folk track that is perfect for those long, summer nights on the beach.

Listen here:

Viva La Panda – Dreamer

This tropical house belter from Viva La Panda is an instant mood lift. Sickly sweet vocals bounce over an infectious house beat, again another banger of a summer jam.

Listen here:

Rydhen – The Code

This track is a little darker than the previous two, moving into more tech-house/deep house territory. If you’re having a few pre-drinks and are wanting to get the party going then this track is an essential bop.

Listen here:

Drolly – Broke Nights

The UK rap artist from Birmingham has been making waves with his trap/UK rap music, especially his ‘Time For Me Release’ which has thousands of streams already. His latest release’ Broke Nights’ is a deeply personal, raw, and emotive release that highlights the rappers’ tough upbringing and life in the city.

Listen here: