Panski is a music producer from Atlanta that has shaped himself through his unique blends of house and electronic music with Southern and country influences, creating a unique sound that has captured the ears of hundreds-of-thousands of fans.

As we enter a new year full of opportunities we talked with Panski about how he was inspired to create his own trademark style and the inspirations that have gotten him this far.

How did you first discover that you enjoyed creating music?

When I was in 6th grade i joined orchestra and played the cello. I played it for 4 years.

What was it about electronic music that inspired you to create your own tracks with Southern influences?

Well Avicii’s Levels is what made me want to learn how to produce. So once I got into the whole EDM scene I knew it would take some time to find MY sound.

I started make generic electronic like progressive house and trap and stuff. But when I first heard the Little Talks remix by Thomas Jack, I knew I wanted to make tropical house. So after dwelling into that for a bit, and exploring deep house as well, I wanted to do something nobody had ever done before. I have always liked BUNT and I love folk house, but I wanted to take it a step further and do country house.

EDM and Country music are very different crowds, so I knew I couldn’t just out right call it “country house” otherwise it might prevent people from clicking play. It started out as “hoedown house” but I think “southern house” sounds a little classier.


What has been the favourite part of your music career so far?

Opening for Sam Feldt at the Buckhead Ball in Atlanta, GA.

Who have been your biggest influences along the way and how have they impacted your music?

Influences include Kygo, Thomas Jack, Robin Schulz, Hot Since 82, Avicii, Kaskade, Sam Feldt. For the tropical guys, that’s where most of my sonic inspiration comes from, but for Kaskade it’s the manner in which he handles himself. Never met him but I can tell he’s an outstanding dude.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 2 tracks and one possession what would they be?

Come Sail Away With Me, and my Wave On Wave cover.

The one possession would be a boat so I don’t have to stay there forever

Which artist/producer would you collaborate with if you could choose anyone, past and present?

Honestly, I would love to do a track with Gucci Mane. I’m from Atlanta, he’s like the father of the city. But for my specific style of sound, I’d love to collaborate with Sam Hunt. He has a great sound that’s country, but not country at the same time, like me.

What is your favourite piece of hardware/software or instrument that you use to create your uniquely inspired tracks?

I wouldn’t be able to do anything without Ableton.

What are your plans for 2017?

Just trying to get out there and make cool tunes. Hopefully play some shows, find a manager and an agent that believes in the southern house sound.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians and producers?

Network like hell. go to shows and meet people. Be in the scene as much as you can.


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