RouteNote Create is offering 20% off every subscription tier for 6 months for a limited time.

Until Cyber Monday (Nov 28th), you can get a 20% discount on any subscription tier on RouteNote Create with discount code RNBF20.

RouteNote Create (formerly known as Mixxed) is a “simple platform” with a “clean and “clear website” that lets you find every loop and one-shot in every category including Sound Effects and Cinematic easily. You’ll find samples such as:

  • One-shot drum samples like kicks, snares, and hats
  • String instrument samples such as guitar loops
  • Key-based instruments such as pianos and electric keyboards
  • Analog and digital synthesizer loops
  • Bongo & tom drum one-shots and loops
  • Whole drum loops and drum kit samples
  • Brass instrument one-shots and loops including saxophone and trumpet samples
  • 808 and other bass samples

On the site, you can navigate between individual samples or whole packs with ease.

While you browse sounds on Create the ‘Similar Sounds’ tab makes your search for the right sound easier.

And integrated tags allow you to easily search and find the sounds your project needs to take it to the next level. Create utilizes Tags so you can use the sidebar to:

  • Filter between loops and one-shots
  • Choose the right musical key
  • Select specific tempos
  • Search for musical instruments or cinematic samples and FX


How much you’ll save depends on the tier you choose. There are four subscription tiers available and each tier allows you to save & share sample collections directly from the site. The site gives you the same functionality with each tier, the only difference is how many samples you can download every month.

  1. 100 samples$2.39 (-60c)
  2. 300 samples $4.79 (-$1.20)
  3. 600 samples$7.99 (-$2)
  4. 2000 samples$11.99 (-$3)

This is a deal not to be missed this Back Friday! weekend! RouteNote Create believes in equal opportunities for all. Why spend $7.99 for 100 samples, when you can spend $2.39 for the same amount?

Use discount code RNBF20 to get any of these discounts and start creating without limitation!