RouteNote Artist Directory and Download Store is Here

RouteNote is very proud to announce the launch of our RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store ( The RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store provides a full catalogue list of all the artists on the RouteNote service and even allows consumers to purchase mp3 files from their favourite bands.

Benefits for Artists:

  • Artists receive 80% of all royalties
  • Full control over pricing and what is available for sale
  • Artists can opt-in to sell their music to the public and able to opt-out at any time
  • Sales and stats are immediate and can be seen within the artists account
  • Spread the word via Facebook and Twitter links on the directory pages

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Access to a fast growing list of independent artists
  • Affordable pricing
  • Mp3 files with no DRM and can be used on any music player or device
  • Simple 3 click purchase made via Paypal
  • No registration required

Click here to search through the RouteNote Artists Directory.

Bands make sure you login to your RouteNote account and make your albums live for sales! We have many customisation and social networking links coming very soon.


Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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