RouteNote 2.1 is Live: New Design, Wimp, Sony Unlimited, YouTube Music Multi-Channel Network, Territory Options and More.

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RouteNote 2.1 is live!

As you may have noticed this morning RouteNote has been given a facelift and a big upgrade in terms of service options for artists. Here is a quick run through of all the key additions.

New Design:

RouteNote has had a complete facelift, which included moving our main colour to Blue (The Purple will stay in heart). The new design features a lot more information and all key areas should be much more defined. This is a huge improvement on the old design and over the coming weeks you will continue to see incremental changes instead of just 1 massive overhaul each year.

New Stores: WIMP and SONY Unlimited:

RouteNote has added 2 new stores with this upgrade, they are Wimp and Sony Unlimited.

Wimp: Wimp the high quality streaming service. Wimp is funded by paid subscriptions and a one month free trial is available. WiMP is currently available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland. Cable TV and satellite customers in Norway may sign up for a limited edition of WiMP for free and the full version at a reduced cost, if they are customers through Canal Digital. Telcos including Telenor, Play, T-Mobile are among other WiMP distribution partners.

Sony Unlimited: Sony Music Unlimited is a cloud-based digital music streaming service accessible on Sony devices as well as on some third party devices. It is available in two different subscription models: Basic or Unlimited. Sony Music Unlimited is currently available in 19 countries.

Both stores work on an opt-out basis. If you dont want your music to go directly to new stores then please get in touch or edit within your releases section.

YouTube Multi-Channel Network:

RouteNote has partnered with YouTube to run our own Multi-Channel Network. This allows RouteNote to help our artists monetize their own YouTube channels (this runs in parallel with the YouTube Content ID system). Currently the YouTube MCN already receives over 400 million video views a month.

Up until now the RouteNote YouTube MCN has only been available by invite only, but as of today it is open to all RouteNote artists! No restrictions.

Artists YouTube channels will receive a higher level of monetization (via advertising), no lock-ins (you can leave at any time), full transparency on statistics (artists can see real-time stats in account), 85% revenue share to artists (BEST in the industry).

youtube multi channel network for music best ultimate

Improved Upload Tool:

The RouteNote upload tool has again been streamlined for artists. The upload tool now provides a much better process flow and even further information on assistance if you have any issues uploading your release.

Territory Options on Upload Tool:

Artists have been asking for territory options for a long time and now its here! Artists can control which territories their music goes to or restricted from.

RN User Manual:

RouteNote has upgraded our Tools page with a new design and a 2 new PDFs (Style Guide and Upload Guide). If you ever have issues uploading or formatting your release then this should be your first port of call. These are available to download on the tools page.

Stats Reporting by Territory:

Stats Reporting CSV files have received an upgrade as you are now able to see your sales reports by territory. This is brilliant for see if an advertising campaign in a certain country is producing good returns or if you are planning a tour you can see in which countries you are most popular.

We really hope you like our RouteNote upgrade, we have many more amazing features to come! If you have any suggestions or questions please dont hesitate to ask.

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Can I upload cover songs to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, Deezer, etc.

We offer free distribution of your music to all of the world’s top stores and streaming services, and we can send your cover songs of other artists too.