The best of Roland’s iconic drum machines are all coming together in one powerful and versatile new rhythm composer.

Over the years Roland have created some of the most iconic machines in drum synthesis like the legendary TR-808 machine which revolutionised hip-hop. Roland have just announced their upcoming TR-8S machine, follow up to their widely-loved TR-8 machine, which brings their old classics into a powerful new hardware capable of much more on top.

The TR-8S is filled with the most iconic TR drum sounds of all time, plus an extensive selection of samples from Roland’s vast library. The instrument also supports both mono and stereo user samples, and comes packed with hands-on controls and production tools that make patterns move and groove. Dynamic and inspiring, the TR-8S takes the rhythm machine to a new level of creative power.

Included in the TR-8S is every sound from the most sought-after TR classic drum machines, with authentic recreations of the 808, 909, 707, 727, and 606, as well as several modified versions. Powered by Roland’s highly acclaimed ACB technology, each machine is a detailed, component-level model that sounds and behaves exactly like the original hardware.

On top of the classic sounds that defined an era of drum machines the TR-8S also comes with it’s own preset samples. What makes it such a powerful machine is that you can import all your own samples via an SD card slot giving you limitless possibilities to create your own sounds and combinations with any sample you like.

With one glance at it’s design you can see that the TR-8S is something special that adds so much more to the possibilities of their older rhythm composers. The customisation is so deep on the TR-8S that you can even edit the brightness, colours, and glows of each element to streamline you workflow with visual feedback that fits exactly what you’re doing. There’s even a lava lamp mode…

Roland drum machine rhythm composer 808 909 classics new software drums synthesise

Aside from being “the most powerful drum machine ever made”, the TR-8S is a complete multi-channel audio and MIDI interface. When you connect the TR-8S to a computer or AIRA Link host, you can transfer MIDI and high-resolution audio over a single USB cable. Record each drum instrument to a different channel for individual processing and recording, automate parameter movements from your DAW by CC messages, or sync the TR-8S to your computer or Roland MX-1 Mix Performer for live sets or late-night jam sessions.

Roland say: “For the last four years, we’ve heard feedback from enthusiastic TR-8 fans and artists from around the world. It left us with a pretty clear idea of how we could make it even better, both for studio production and live performance. We’ve put these user-requested features-and more-into the TR-8S, while keeping the immediacy and fun-factor of the original TR-8 fully intact.”