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The Muton is a brand new semi-modular synthesizer with an ‘Flexible Advanced Multiplier’ engine from Reon.

After the Cistron FM Rhythm Machine groovebox, the Muton is Reon’s second synthesizer from its Fusion series.

Introducing the Reon Muton

The Muton’s sound source resembles Reon’s Driftbox SIII compact analog synthesizer. The new synth features oscillators that you can syncronise together, in addition to a random signal generator.

As for onboard effects, you’ll find a filter and envelope generator which you can assign to particular oscillators for a flexible creative workflow.

And the 24-point patch bay allows you to create internal patches, or create a signal chain with other modular hardware via CV.

The Reon Muton’s ‘Flexible Advanced Multiplier’ engine (or FAM) is a “sound source controller”. It utilizes three gate generators and three LFO generators with waveforms that you can manipulate. But it also makes use of randomization features, scale quantization, and more.

You can assign these functions with the six buttons on the face of the Muton. So, you have access to a variety of pre-programmed modulation with just a few button presses!

The Muton is the latest edition to Reon’s catalog of impressive instruments such as the Libertas MIDI and CV controller. As a matter of fact, the Libertas instrument has the ability to memorize knob movements to play in sync with a sequencer!

Furthermore, it joins the Reon IIIC modular system which is the brand’s answer to the Moog IIIC. This instrument combines clones of Moog modules with original Reon designs and compatibility with original Moog modules.

Reon promises that these functions make the Muton ideal for “highly improvisational performances”, reports MusicTech.

The Reon Muton will be available for $679, but worldwide distribution hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

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