ROLI are bringing one of the world’s hottest producers to their free app to remix hits like ‘Happy’ using their awesome devices.

The creators behind the incredible expressive keyboards ‘Seaboards’ and more recently the fascinating BLOCKS devices, ROLI are back with some Pharrell for you. Through their free NOISE app ROLI have launched a unique soundpack that deconstructs Pharrell beats for you to build up again.

‘Lemon by N.E.R.D.’ is the Studiopack which takes all the vital elements from Pharrell William’s new band’s track ‘Lemon’ and transforms them into easily manipulated sounds and elements. Using the pack in ROLI’s free NOISE app music makers can play with the band’s high quality sounds and mould it into new soundscapes.

Lemon is N.E.R.D.’s first song in 7 years by the supergroup made up of Chad Hugo, Shay Hayley, and of course Pharrell Williams. The song, released on the first of this month features Rihanna hitting up the vocals with a rap flow on the groups bouncy and bass-heavy track.

On a Pharrell kick lately, ROLI also recently released a NOISE Studiopack of ‘Happy’ the number one hit that radios couldn’t get enough of. Inside the pack are the beats, basslines, and Pharrell’s vocals to be manipulated, remixed and recreated.

There’s a reason ROLI are giving lots of love to Pharrell and that’s because he’s given a lot of love to them. In fact on the 28th October Pharrell was appointed ROLI’s Chief Creative Officer. Together they plan a long partnership of innovation in developing revolutionary music equipment, something ROLI have been doing for years now.

ROLI’s new CCO has even invested into the company although ROLI say reports suggesting Pharrell is now a co-owner are untrue. According to the BBC, ROLI founder Roland Lamb met Pharrell when he reached out on a trip to Los Angeles and says he will have a real influence on the company’s development. Lamb said they bonded over making music more accessible to non-musicians, in particular children.

Lamb said: “When we met it felt like we were on the same page… The ‘Happy by Pharrell’ and ‘Lemon by N.E.R.D.’ Studiopacks are just the beginning of our exciting work with Pharrell and other artists.”

You can download NOISE for free for iPhone and Android now and start playing with the free sound packs.