Rdio is introducing a new native advertising system, called Promoted Music Experiences, where advertisers are more involved in the music curation. Rdio believes it is offering brands something that competitors haven’t got.

Jared Heiman, head of Global Advertising Partnerships for Rdio, said in an interview for Adweek: “Streaming services thus far have had a difficult time introducing native advertising into it’s platform, nobody is offering all three components in one ad package.”

With Rdio’s Promoted Music Experiences brands will have their own branded station, profile and a home story consisting of a personalised feed of music recommendations. Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos are the first company to partner with Rdio in their new advertising program.

Hard Rock chose to partner with Rdio due to their global availability and ease of access. Matt Watts, director of music and marketing at Hard Rock hotels and casinos, said: “[We’re] aligning with a company that can support us in those markets. The fact that you can stream it so easily without some sort of API, you can stream it on the web, I think was a really powerful feature for us.”

Watts said that the managers of each Hard Rock property came together to create Hard Rocks playlist, each choosing 20-50 songs. Hard Rock has partnered with artists such as Young the Giant, Andrew McMahon and The Jane Doe’s who will reportedly curate playlists as well.

Rdio and Hard Rock have a yearlong agreement which is part of a larger partnership however Rdio say that they plan to introduce additional partners, Heiman saying: “We do have other brands lined up.”