Rdio Favourites

Last September, Rdio introduced Favourites to their app. Much like Spotify’s ‘Star’ system, you can quickly collate you favourite tracks, albums, artists, playlists and stations. Rdio have been listening to their customer feedback in an attempt to make “the best music service in the world, tuned to you.” Today they continue to improve this feature adding:

Multi-Select Your Favorite Tracks
On the web, you can quickly select multiple tracks from an album or playlist to add them to your Favorites. Command+click the tracks you like, then right click to favorite them.

Play Just Your Favorites
Want to play only your favorite tracks on an album? Check out the “Play favorite songs” option on web and mobile.

Start Exploring With Listener Favorites
Introduce yourself to new music on Rdio by starting with the most popular songs on an album to find your own hits (or misses). The most favorited songs on an album are now easy to find with the new Listener Favorite icon.

Sort Your Favorites by Most Played
It’s now easy to find your favorite Favorites. Back by popular demand, you can sort your favorite tracks by the number of times you’ve listened to them. On the web, choose “Most Played” to order your top tracks by play count.”