Radiohead Release The King of Limbs and it Goes Instantly Viral

The only way you haven’t heard of the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs, is if you live under a rock. Radiohead is the only band I know that any release goes instantly viral!

Radiohead have been offering pre-oder on their site for the past few days. It was expected to be released later in the month, but they have decided to start selling their digital downloads yesterday (Feb. 18).

A CD and vinyl version of The King of Limbs will be available next month.

Here is what the critics have been saying so far:

The Wall Street Journal says:

“…the new album impresses with the ease of its blend of traditional rock and contemporary electronic sounds.”

The Guardian chimes in with:

“These songs occupy an emotional terrain that Radiohead have mapped out as their own and – to their credit – others have failed to copy. What’s disappointing, however, is that the band – so often held up as musical mavericks operating in the mainstream – have failed to come up with anything that might surprise us this time.”

A CD and vinyl version of The King of Limbs will be available next month.

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