Radiohead Told to Go F*** Yourself by Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has always been a bit of a loud mouth (which I like), but now he has provided some crazy remarks about the new Radiohead album The King of Limbs. In a recent Quietus interview with Gallagher and Andy Bell about their new band Beady Eye:

Radiohead Release The King of Limbs and it Goes Instantly Viral

The only way you havent heard of the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs, is if you live under a rock. Radiohead is the only band I know that any release goes instantly viral!

New Radiohead Album is Available to Pre-order: The King of Limbs

Radiohead is currently offering their new album up for pre-order. Customers can either pre-oder the album for $9.00 or get the newspaper album version for $48.00.