UK based label Propeller Recordings with the help of their top artists have spread across European Radio to find success.

With their newfound popularity Propeller are expanding to Germany with a new office. Headed up by Propeller’s head of publicity Joly Checketts, the new office will supplement their radio teams in the UK and Scandinavia.

After opening their Propeller Recordings office in the UK in 2014 they expanded to become Propeller Communications. With their roster of talent home to artists like Highasakite, Sløtface, and Dagny they have built a popular brand offering radio promotion and PR services.

Propeller head of publicity, Joly Checketts said: “As well as having great relationships with the UK media, we are planning to offer a service across print, online and radio that can enable labels and management to test which territories are worth investing in across Europe. We believe this could be an invaluable tool for majors and indie artists alike.”

Managing director of Propeller Recordings, Tom Rose said: “As a small indie, our budgets are minuscule compared to most, however we had goals to be a truly international label. We looked at how much we were spending on radio and online coverage internationally – to effectively test each market – and the costs would often outweigh the results.

“It’s a constant source of frustration for artists and management that are signed to a domestic major label and unable to receive any support from their international network. We can plug the gap – working closely with the label, management and agent – to seed music out to our media contacts, with the goal of eventually being a European-wide priority for their respective label.”