With their tasty new single out today I spoke to Diviners, one of electronic music’s hottest up-and-comers shooting on to the scene.

The ingredient’s making up Diviners include half a shot of Kamil Pankowski and Kamil Relikowski. Both Kamil’s were born and raised in Poland where they met each other and began making music together as well as in their own ambitious endeavours.

Over the years the pair have been honing their craft, building their name and dropping killer tune after killer tune. They’ve just dropped their new track, How featuring Chris Severe and whilst we’re still soaking in the glory of it lets talk Diviners.

What inspired you both to start producing and creating music and how did you start?

Kamil R – I started 7 years ago together with Ason ID, Alan Walker, DJ Ness, Steerner, Jakob Liedholm, Zaxx, DJ Pygme. My main inspiration was Avicii’s & Otto Knows piano sound and Alesso’s melodic tracks, it was fresh in that times.

Kamil P – My adventure started 8 or 9 years ago. At the beginning I was active on a lot of music forums. My curiosity led me to start using FL Studio and learn how to produce own tracks. The nature inspires me the most – I really like snowboarding and beautiful views – trying to express it in all our songs.

We’ve met each other 4 years ago. Then decided to make songs (mainly Progressive House) together. On 6th of December 2014 – we went for one of Kygo’s show in Poland. It really motivated us – that’s how Diviners were created.

What are your biggest influences and who would you work with if you could?

It would be good to make a track with Aviicii, Kygo or Axwell. Ingrosso in the future!

How does it feel having the support and respect of peers like Alan Walker and the Chainsmokers?

We are good friends with Alan so it feels really nice that he is still with us – we also supported him on his show in Poland earlier this year. The Chainsmokers were really unexpected for us for sure and we’re so happy that they have heard and liked our track ‘Savannah’.

What is the music scene like in Poland and how has that influenced your music careers?

It’s not that good at all. We can’t play our own music at clubs or festivals because its ‘too soft stuff’ so we have to fit our music to the theme. We think we’re better known abroad.

If you were stranded on a desert island with 1 song and 1 item, what would they be?

Silhouettes’ by Avicii. An item? Definitely piano!

We can’t wait for your new track ‘How’ when it releases next week, what sort of vibe can we expect from it?

It’s one of these chill tracks with guitars we really enjoy to do.

What was your favourite part of creating ‘How’?

Our favourite part was changing main piano lead to the electric guitar steam recorded for this one by our friend. It gave a green light to the track.

You guys have had an incredible 4 years since coming together to start Diviners, topped off with a 2017 full of amazing music, shows, and more for you. With such an awesome 2017, what can we expect from Diviners in 2018?

We have a lot of new music. We’ve updated our hardware in the studio so work will go much easier and faster than before. Can’t wait to show you more of Diviners.


Diviner’s wicked new tune, How:

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