Quibi get a price drop and free tier in Australia and New Zealand

In their most desperate attempt to boost subscriber numbers, Quibi drop the price of subscriptions and add a free tier to the short video streaming service.

The news dropped via an email to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Users in these countries needn’t do anything. The subscriptions will automatically drop on their next bill cycle from 13 AUD to 7 AUD. If implemented on a wider scale, this could be the attraction Quibi needs to boost subscriber numbers. At 8 USD/month without ads, Quibi is more expensive and doesn’t have the same expansive back catalogue as Disney+.

This marks another change in the services offerings to try and gain more customers. Quibi were late on adding TV casting to the app.

Prior to launch, Quibi managed to raise an impressive $1.75 billion for content and marketing. Just one month after launching, founder Jeffrey Katzenberg blamed the pandemic on a lack of signups, despite other streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ thriving during stay-at-home orders. A month after that, senior executives pay was cut by 10%. In June, predictions said Quibi were on track for just 27% of their end of year subscriber goal.

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