Qualcomm discuss the true wireless earbud technology they’ve been working on, that automatically adjusts the sound output in real-time based on fit.

US-based company Qualcomm develop wireless technology, software and semiconductors such as the chips found in many smartphones. Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation hopes to be “a new technology designed to deliver an improved user experience for earbuds with integrated ANC.” According to Qualcomm, if the fit changes slightly, the ANC will adapt for consistent performance, ensuring the highest quality sound “according to the tightness of fit and the level of leak-through no matter how or where the earbuds are being used.”

Qualcomm say their tech should work with most in-ear and open-type earbud designs, plus won’t require a fit test of eartips. Comfort was noted in the press release “reduce the dependency on forming a tight seal so a user doesn’t need to push or twist the earbud into the ear.”

Most wireless earbuds that have active noise cancellation use anti-phase sound waves to cancel out outside noise. The tech announced by Qualcomm appears to be similar to that implemented by Apple with the introduction of AirPods Pro last year. These continuously adapt the EQ based on the geometry of your ears to tune output and block outside noise, adjusting the level of noise cancellation 200 times a second.

AirPods Pro

This technology is a claim of what’s to come from the company, but there are currently no actual products announced. Qualcomm already work with headphone manufacturers such as Jabra, Sennheiser, Bang & Olufsen, 1More, Audio Technica and Skullcandy, so it shouldn’t be too long until we see the technology appear in a real world product.

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