Pramore Knock Madonna Off The Top


Paramore have knocked Madonna off the top spot of the album charts this weekend (4th October) with their latest album, “Brand New Eyes”. Madonna’s greatest hits compilation, celebration, did exactly what the critics thought it would do in going straight to the top of the album charts, but only for the minimum amount of time. Competition for the charts top spot was in the form of Muse’s Resistance (Booo), Newton Falkner and the US powerhouse that is Barbara Streisand.

The US five piece from Tennessee, seem to be hitting all the right notes. The outfits second record, “Riot!”, although didn’t knock any charts over with immediate success became a slow burner, with sales currently at the 2 million mark. Along with producing what seems to actually be good music, that’s not necessarily my opinion though, but lets face it, Album sales never lie. Paramore are coming are coming up with some nice positive PR for themselves. September saw the band rattle off a nice amount of gigs in London for only £5, 2008 saw them collect a Grammy nomination and NME voted front lady Hayley Williams 2nd sexiest female.

Paramore’s supporting tour for the album sees them start off on the 10th December in Glasgow’s SECC , and climaxing at Wembley Arena on the 18th. All other tour dates are available form the bands official website
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