Thom’s Solo Super Band

thom yorke + band

Rumours that Thom Yorke is starting another  band, that is still left unnamed, were quashed as it was made clear this weekend that, as star studded as it was, it was a mere ‘A’ list of friends making the solo tour that bit more special.

The show, is the first of two appearances with the second held tonight at The Orpheum Theatre, saw Yorke backed by Micheal Peter Balzary (aka Flea), Grammy nominated producer Nigel Godrich, Mauro Refosco and Joey Waronker perform his solo album ‘The Eraser’ from start to finish for the first set. With an encore that saw Thom entertain with a solo acoustic set. With songs including Analyse (shown below), Lotus Flower, Open The Floodgates and Super Collider.

The second set saw the full band return to play a selection of crowd pleasing Radiohead ‘B’ sides including ‘Paperbag Writer‘ and ‘Judge Jury and Executioner’ as well as some of Yorke’s more recent solo material including ‘The Hollow Earth’ and ‘Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses’.

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