Image Credit: Porsche

‘Soundtrack My Life’ is a project from Porsche that creates custom music on the fly based on how you drive.

Porsche describes the adaptive sound from ‘Soundtrack My Life’ as an innovative and emotive music experience for drivers. The prototype sychronizes motions and music based on the movement it senses and soon hopes to adapt to the route and mood of the driver. With custom and original music generated, drivers will hear something different every time.

The idea is the driver enters the car, chooses from a selection of basic musical moods, then as you accelerate away, individual sounds start to play, becoming more complex as tracks are added, removed and rearranged based on the centrifugal forces in the car and how you drive. As you accelerate and brake the music will speed up and slow down, with other factors changing the music such as the time of day and location. For example open country roads will play different music to busy city streets at night. Porsche talks about how geofencing could unlock special soundtracks, for instance playing certain music only available in Los Angeles or on Alphine passes. Sharing music online could potentially allow someone to listen to the music of someone else on the road in New York or Tokyo right now.

This new technology isn’t about playing personalised playlists or simply adjusting the tempo and pitch of existing music to match the car’s speed. It’s about creating an individual sound experience from a construction kit with a variety of sounds and musical structures during a drive. This is created by the driver and their journey in real time. This will then sound different for everyone – as unique as the journey itself.

Norman Friedenberger, Product Owner, Porsche Digital

Image Credit: Porsche

Porsche are working with film composer Boris Salchow to help develop the idea. The prototype is currently a smartphone app, but it may be integrated into the dashboard once it hits the market. Porsche says the algorithm is ready as they start to work with various artists to make it a reality. In order to give the music and experience a human element, Porsche are avoiding using artificial intelligence. The German high-performance car manufacturer say they want to bring this to every Porsche soon, but its currently in the testing phase.

Video Credit: Porsche