The new UK based Pledge Music has launched their latest platform which aims to help artists raise cash for a new recording project from fans. Pledge doesnt really offering anything too innovative, as Sellaband and Slicethepie have been doing exactly the same thing for a while now.

  1. The fan is only charged once the pledge target is reached.
  2. Pledge takes a 15% commission of funds raised.
  3. Artist retains 100% of their rights.
  4. Artist chooses where to record and with whom
  5. Artist can opt in to making a charitable donation.
  6. Pledge recommends third party services to help complete the release process.
  7. The second time you use Pledge our fee reduces to only 10%, provided your first project was successful.

I think that this platform is a great start but really needs a lot of work to really take on the likes of Sellaband.

pledge music