Google’s AI powered Instrument Playground gives you the chance to play with over 100 instruments from around the world.

How often are you going to have the chance to play an ocarina, djembe, guzheng, and tabla all at once? Playing 100 world instruments would normally be an expensive affair (or a case of going to a very special music space) but Google are bringing them home to you.

a scrolling GIF with the names of instruments like "Congas" and "Harp"

Google’s Instrument Playground have over 100 instruments that you can play around with. Using AI, the playground lets you select your instrument and will generate a 20 second sound clip for you. You can customise the clip by giving it prompts such as ‘energetic’, ‘happy’, or get seasonal and ask for a festive jingle.

Once you have your clip you can customise it further using their ‘Ambient’, ‘Beat’, and ‘Pitch’ modes. In Advanced mode you’ll find a sequencer that lets you layer up four instruments for full creative exploration.

How well does it work? Well, the instruments are pretty legit. The melodies the AI comes up with are… well, they’re something. Check out some examples below. Google have been getting in the festive mode, and so this clip named ‘Chime Chime Ya’ is inspired by “festive chimes”.

Not impressed with that one? Well, try ‘Ho Ho Ho’; an “ode to Santa Claus” that uses bells and angelic vocals to create… this.

Okay, maybe you should just try it for yourself so that you can make something a little more impressive. Instrument Playground is only available in select countries but Google promise that it is rolling out to more soon.

Check out Instrument Playground and try it for yourself here.