Every guitarists dream is to own all the guitars, all of them. This new pedal makes that dream closer to reality… Sorta.

A new pedal is rocking on to the scene which will put the world’s most prestigious guitars in your hands. Well maybe not your hands, but they will be in your ears with the innovative and impressive XT-1 guitar pedal from SIM1.

The XT-1 pedal models the tone of the world’s most famous acoustic and electric guitars from the biggest brands like Fender, Gibson, and Martin. It uses a unique technology called Smart Tone Shaping (STS) created by SIM1. They say STS “allows you to perfectly emulate the tone of any guitar of your choice, allowing you to play naturally, with no latency or digital artifacts”. No matter what guitar you’re playing you’ll have the tone of a world-class guitar.

SIM1 have also designed a complimentary app that allows you to customise the tone yourself and save new presets. The XT-1 comes with 12 of the world’s favourite axes pre-loaded for your use:

  • Musicman®️ Axis | neck, mid, bridge
  • Fender® Stratocaster® | neck, mid, bridge
  • Fender® Mustang® | neck, mid, bridge
  • Martin®️ D35 | mic’d
  • Gibson® 335 | neck, mid, bridge
  • Benedetto® ‘Bambino’ Archtop | neck
  • PRS®️ Santana®️ | neck, mid, bridge
  • Gibson®️ 175 | neck, mid, bridge
  • Gibson®️ SG 1974 | neck, mid, bridge
  • Gibson®️ J200 | mic’d
  • Gibson®️ LesPaul®️ | neck, mid, bridge
  • Fender®️ Telecaster®️ ’64 | neck, mid, bridge

Setting up the XT-1 is as easy as plugging your guitar in and playing a chromatic scale on each string. The pedal will pick up the tone your guitar is outputting it and can then customise the sound depending on what guitar you choose so that it can accurately recreate guitar tones on any guitar.

SIM1 haven’t spoken on when we can get our hands on an XT-1 or how much it will set us back but having just appeared at it’s second NAMM show we’re hopeful for a 2018 launch.