In the ‘most beautiful churchyard in England’, in a small Cornish village there is a classic Cornish pipe organ. That organ is also in the app store.

At RouteNote we love music and we love our home county – Cornwall. So you can imagine our excitement when these things are combined. Without further adieu, let us introduce you to a classic Cornish sound that is just waiting to come out of your iOS devices.

The ‘most beautiful churchyard in England’ in the Cornish village of St. Just in Roseland is home to a quite magnificent pipe organ. The St. Just in Roseland Organ app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch reproduces the instrument in stunning detail, clarity and accuracy, and is the first recreation of an English church organ for iOS.

From the sweet flutes of the Lieblich Gedact and Lieblich Flute, through the shimmering strings of the Salicional, Gamba and Voix Celeste to the foundation-shaking brass fanfares of the Trumpet and Clarion, every detail of the original organ is captured. Our groundbreaking ‘Wavetable Trajectory Synthesis’ – premiered in our Victorian Chapel Organ – ensures that the organ is free of all mechanical and wind noise. The app sounds organic and natural rather than cold and repetitive, and yet is so efficient that the organ runs perfectly on devices as old as iPad 2, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G.

The organ is perfectly suited to both liturgical music and the classical organ repertoire. It is an ideal instrument for organists wishing to practice at home, for pianists learning organ, for churches needing a lower cost replacement for a failing pipe organ, for choirs needing a portable pipe organ for practice and performance, and for iOS musicians and composers looking for a new palette of sounds to add colour to recordings and performances.

​For fans of early and historic music the organ supports a number of temperaments, allowing players to experiment with ‘key colours’. This allows period pieces, in particular the organ works of  J.S Bach and his contemporaries, to be performed and heard the way the writers intended – with sweeter consonances and more dramatic dissonances than the characterless nature of modern Equal Temperament. 


  • Entire organ – Swell, Great and Pedals – playable from a single attached USB MIDI keyboard
    • ‘OMNI’ mode for out of the box plug and play with a single keyboard
    • Out of the box / zero configuration support for Novation Launchkey series keyboards
  • Built-in silky smooth reverberation unit
  • ​8 programmable pistons for instant recall of entire console (stops and couplers)
  • Rich and programmable MIDI implementation supports reverb, pistons, swell and crescendo pedals
  • ‘Dynamic Range Compression’ slider equalizes stop volumes for quiet practice sessions
  • Tiny app footprint – under 20MBytes
    • No samples
    • Synthesis is implemented using WAVETABLE technology
    • Highest performance
    • Lowest noise
    • Smallest storage requirement
    • Best attack, release and re-attack dynamics – no ‘machine gunning’ of identical, repeated samples
  • 5 selectable temperaments
    • Equal
    • Silbermann 1/6 comma meantone
    • Werckmeister III
    • Young II 1799
    • Pythagorean
  • ​’Autopedal’ pseudo coupler intelligently selects bass note to play, minimizing ‘bass jumping’ on chord transitions
    • ‘Autopedal’ can be configured to use only the lowest octave of pedal range for ‘deep bass reinforcement’ mode 
  • ‘Virtual MIDI only’ setting for use in a multi-app / DAW environment
  • 44.1 / 48kHz switchable playback rate
  • AudioBus / inter-app audio support
  • FREE version (‘Explorer Edition’) available – limited stops but otherwise complete functionality