Image Credit: Attack Magazine

PIXELYNX and Beatport teamed up to announce BeatKOR, an AI music collection designed to transform the way artists and fans interact with music.

BeatKOR is the latest addition to PIXELYNX’s KORUS music platform, a dynamic space where creators and fans can explore and reshape music through interactive features.


BeatKOR is part of a family of digital companions known as KORs which serve as tools for creating music through AI. The platform, co-founded by deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, is designed to foster greater collaboration between artists and fans.

Using BeatKOR, artists can share their stem files with fans and give them the creative freedom to remix music in their style. Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group, emphasized the significance of this feature, stating, “Empowering artists to shape the narrative of artist-fan collaboration while protecting their rights is central to our philosophy with BeatKOR.”

Inder Phull, CEO of PIXELYNX, commented on the broader impact of AI on the music industry, stating, “Our partnership with Beatport is introducing a new format of personalized music experiences that aims to empower artists and enhance the value of their music within their community.”

The BeatKOR collection, set to launch on September 13th, boasts officially licensed stems and tracks from a roster of prominent artists, including Jitwam, Elle Shimada, Brux, and more. As a result, you will have the opportunity to create personalized remixes, participate in music communities through voting, trading, remixing, and sharing, and even “own” your songs by putting them on the blockchain, granting commercial rights for release and use.

This innovative platform also supports users looking to distribute their music on DSPs (Digital Service Providers) through official partnerships, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for music creation, distribution, and collaboration.

BeatKOR joins PIXELYNX’s existing lineup of KORs, including GenKOR, which allows fans to remix content from mau5trap artists and build their artist portfolios. With the introduction of BeatKOR, PIXELYNX and Beatport are redefining the music landscape, fostering a new era of artistic expression and collaboration.

To get started with BeatKOR, visit the PIXELYNX KORUS website, where users can explore the possibilities of AI-powered music creation, share their creations within the KORUS ecosystem, and become part of a transformative movement in the music industry.