Image Credit: Reckoner Industries

The Signal State is a game that combines logic-testing puzzles with synthesizer knowledge.

If you love modular synthesizers, The Signal State by Reckoner Industries is the game for you. The player must solve more than 40 puzzles in order to repair machines and rebuild a farm vital to producing food in a future where agriculture is failing.

Each puzzle in The Signal State has an interface built around modular synthesizers. That’s right, it’s time to make use of your modular synth patching knowledge – or equally, if you’ve always been intrigued but never dived into their complex world, the game is an absorbing way to start learning about synths.

In order to save the world in the single-player game set in a post-apocalyptic future you’ll be tested on your logic skills by dragging and dropping cables, programming samplers, output, and signal delays, just like in electronic music production.

Image Credit: Reckoner Industries

The cables are customisable, and there’s alternative designs by Papernoise. Reckoner Industries’ plan is to further update the game to release in sandbox mode, and also let players design their own puzzles.

The Signal State is on Steam and costs £15.49. It’s had a fair few positive reviews already. You can download a demo to have a go first – the game runs on PC and Mac.