Collaborations On The New Album From Basement Jaxx


Basement Jaxx are set to release their new album ‘scars’ in the UK this September 21st.

The album, which is the dance outfits fifths album will display some powerful pulling power in the form of some illustrious guests such as Yoko Ono, Yo Majesty and Lightspeed Champions Dev Hynes. The 13 track album will be released in the US on October the 6th.

In support of the new album Basement Jaxx have Released that they will be blessing fans with a quick five date whistle-stop tour of the US at venues including; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago and New York.

Tickets went on sale Saturday 22nd and tickets for all events are available form the bands website at

Fake Reading and Leeds Festival Tickets Scam

rn logo 2

wants to join the crusade of snitching on and ratting out tickets scams for this summers usual big scale events. Already the world is full of people who has received emails, phone calls or just turned up and been refused at the door.

Last year saw an unprecedented amount of festival-goers scamed into buying ‘ghost’ tickets which were never delivered without anywhere to claim a refund. Telltale ghost ticket hallmarks can be anonymous domain registrations and a huge neglect of any contact details online. This years offended gigs seem to be Reading and Leeds, T In The Park and the V-Festival. are just one among many site that need to be shunned this year, and its not only festival tickets that are being sold un-officially. Beware of phony tickets for expensive one-off shows including, Take That, Madonna, Beyonce and others. The top three most effective ways of acting on your ticket problems can be to:

  • Contact your bank or credit card company. If you paid on credit card you should still be able to get a refund if you act within a few weeks. Some debit cards also offer limited fraud protection.
  • Report the matter to the Police, once you have a crime reference number complain to consumer direct on: 08454 04 05 06
  • If its too late for any of the above but you still have your fake confirmation email, forward it to and you may be compensated your money back. Then sign up with them!

Coincidently, has magically closed down all of a sudden and nobody returns your calls. (but you are 2nd in the que and your call is important to us, bloody promise!) The company was however registered to a buisness park in, Pencoed, Mid Glam, and its director is a man named Mahmood Zahid, 31, and lives in a flat above a KFC in Hounslow.

crowd festival

Them Crooked Vulture Continue To Circle.

Nobody loves me and neither do i, the world has decided, is to be ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ first single. As the band continue their super dirty teaser campaign we carry catching snippets of videos and promos.

The band have tickled our rock-buds with a 30-40 second whip of some recording footage to our favorite new intro that never seems to end. The song does have lyrics, we promise.

£5 Paramore Gig at the 02 Islington Academy.

Paramore are playing in London’s Islington academy on September 7th, thier first date for 2009, this fact however is not the interesting part. The event will cost just £5 and tickets go on sale tomorrow (August 21st) from either or (after 9am). Doors for the event will open at 7pm with the show starting at 8pm, tickets sales are likely to sour so you’ll need to be quick.

This will be the first time that UK fans will be able to hear new material with the bands new single ‘Ignorance’ (shown below) being released just a week after the show. New album Brand New Eyes will be out for general sale on September 28th.

But new Albums aside were hoping that other bands will follow in the £5 a gig footsteps. You never know, Radiohead £5 a ticket!

If Britney Spears Were President, Mocked On David Letterman

Late Show Brittney Spears

It doesn’t get more pathetic than Britney Spears, the child actress turned teen pop princess turned crazed mother is now trying to rectify her reputation and prove that she’s not fat.

Last night, David Letterman added fuel to the Britney bandwagon and had the bikini-clad Spears on for the “Top Ten Ways The World Would Be Different If Britney Spears Were President”.

NPD Group Music Marketshare Report for the First Half of 2009

The NPD Group consumer-tracking outfit have released their first half of 2009 report on the music industry, and here are the results.

The music market defined:

CD sales = 65%

Paid Downloads = 35%

The digital share has increased from 20 percent two years ago, and Apple’s iTunes (AAPL) alone makes up 25 percent of overall music sales.

Digital marketshare defined:

iTunes = 69.1%

Amazon Mp3 = 7.6%

Rhapsody = 3.7%

Zune Marketplace = 2.6%

Napster = 1.5%

Amazon has increase from 5.1% to 7.6%, but iTunes still dominates the market and their marketshare has also increased.

Arctic Monkeys In London Next Week.


The arctic monkeys will play in london’s Brixton academy later this month on August 26th and tickets go on sale today (19th).

If your already on the bands mailing list you will have a ticket allocated to you an have 24 hours to register for your ticket. This needs to be done by mid-night tonight. Each successful applicant will be notified the following day (20th) and will be limited to two tickets each.

The one off show will be the first time that the Sheffield four-some will have played in the UK since December 2007. Roomers are circulating that the band will feature songs off their new album ‘Humbug’, which will be available to the general public two days prior to that, next week on August the 24th.

The gig will come just two days before the Arctic Monkeys headline this years Reading and Leeds festival.

Radiohead Leaks Their Own New Track To BitTorrent Sites


A couple of days ago a new Radiohead track was released on the internet, called “These Are My Twisted Words”. Until yesterday it was unclear where the track came from, but thanks to a post on the band’s blog it seems the boys could’ve had it planned all along, as they are now linking to the song on Mininova.

Today, on the band’s Dead Air Space blog, Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar and keyboard) seems to solve the mystery:

So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished.
We’re pretty proud of it.

There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.

At the bottom of the post are two links to downloads, one directly from Waste and the other the original torrent uploaded to Mininova a few days ago. In fact, it was uploaded twice.

An enthusiastic commenter on Mininova exclaims: “OMFG! This torrent is being redirected from the radiohead official store, so there’s no album, just this song finished, this is very edgy, i mean thom yorke is way ahead from any other artist, at least we know he’s not doing his music to get some profit, at least not anymore, this is history being made, again, GREAT!”

Sounds like the first of many happy listeners.

Radiohead uploaded the torrent the old fashioned way though, seeding it themselves. Apparently they are well aware of the latest developments in the BitTorrent community, as they used the newly founded OpenBitTorrent tracker.

Bob Dylan Pulls His Music From Streaming Services We7 and Spotify

Bob Dylan has never been a fan of digital music services, but this week he has pointed the finger directly at music streaming services. Over the past few days his back catalogue has been pulled from sites like we7 and Spotify, as Dylan takes issue with those who are sharing his music with their users. An instruction was issued by his US reps, through Sony, asking sites to prove they have the right to put the material up.

Clive Gardiner, we7’s digital music SVP, said: “We took it off the site a few days ago. Spotify would have had the same instruction.  But it may be a short listing and it may come back again.

“There are some artists that will take umbrage at this from time to time. We expect this sort of thing, especially with streaming, and it not being fully understood where it sits yet. “

I still find it funny how major artists and their record labels still arent understand the concept behind music streaming services and technology in general. Dont they understand that music is slowly heading towards free and that the artist will be paid royalties in the same way as radio stations pay royalties?

bob dylan