Everyone’s favourite guitar cabinet manufacturer is here making waves with their new Bluetooth speakers that pay tribute to the design of Orange’s iconic amplifier.

Orange has released two Bluetooth speakers, named Box and Box-L, with one designed for portability and the other for home use. The Box speaker is battery-powered while the second is a wired speaker, and both use the same colours, logo, and control panel style as much beloved Orange equipment.

Orange Amps: Box & Box-L

The smaller model, The Orange Box, offers a vegan-leather carrying strap and comes in two variants: a classic orange exterior or a black version. Further, the Box has a 4-inch subwoofer that’s powered by a 30W Class D amp in addition to a pair of 2-inch full-range drivers powered by dual 10W Class AB analog amplifiers which offer a warmer sound. Orange is promising a runtime of 15 or more hours with a charging time of three hours until full. However, there isn’t a USB port so the provided DC19.5V charging cable is your only option.

Meanwhile, the Orange Box-L is a few inches bigger, is wired, and is also available in orange or black. With there’s no onboard battery, this speaker is set to offer a bigger sound due to its larger size. The Box-L offers a 5-inch subwoofer powered by a Class D amp and two 2-inch full-range drivers powered by dual 10W analog Class AB versions. If you’re going to get more of anything, it’s bass.

On that note, both speakers offer a frequency range between 35Hz – 20kHz while they also offer support for aptX for high-res audio, alongside AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs. Both speakers are similar in design while the core framework is made of wood and a vinyl covering. Both speakers have a selection of controls that sit on the top of the units including a power button, knobs for bass, treble and volume adjustment, a battery indicator light and a 3.5mm aux port. Additionally, there’s a Bluetooth pairing button which doubles as a play/pause control, and there’s even a small audio limiter light which informs if you’re driving the speaker too hard.

Finally, Orange has promised to make stock and replacement parts into the 2030s to allow owners to repair their Box or Box-L speaker.


The Orange Box is available now for $299 (£275) and the Orange Box-L is available for $345 (£315) from the Orange Amps website.

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