Numark’s new Party Mix II and Party Mix Live DJ controllers bring the lights and speakers to the party

Image Credit: Numark

Numark update their Party Mix controller with the Party Mix II and introduce the Party Mix Live with built-in speakers.

Party Mix II

With a built-in light show, the original Numark Party Mix was one of the best-selling DJ controllers of all time. The Party Mix II brings even more pro-level features to the DJ controller, letting you simply plug in your laptop or mobile phone to start mixing.

Image Credit: Numark

Simply turn on the lights with a switch on the side. Three multi-coloured LEDs with wide-coverage lenses, provide a room-filing, beat-synchronized light show. Party Mix II works with Serato Lite DJ software, which when paired with streaming services such as TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK and SoundCloud GO, gives you full access to millions of songs. Hook up a mobile device and use apps like djay PRO AI by Algorriddim to DJ on-the-go. Two 1/8-inch outputs connect the deck to external speakers and headphones for monitoring the mix.

Image Credit: Numark

Party Mix II features two large jog wheels that respond to touch. Use the wheels to quickly backspin, pause and scratch records The outer rings of each wheel function as pitch-bends, allowing you to easily nudge tracks into alignment. Below each wheel are sync, cue, play/pause and four performance pads. The sync button automatically matches the tempo of both tracks, while the performance pads give quick access to cue points, loops, effects or samples. Between the wheels you’ll find knobs for levels, treble, bass and filter on each deck, as well as a browse control, headphone mix and main mix dials. The software-adjustable crossfader enables sharp cuts for scratching, or long smooth fades.

Party Mix Live

From the lights to the decks and ports, Party Mix Live is the same as Party Mix II, but includes built-in speakers at the top of the controller, as well as an on/off switch for the speakers. While you can still hook up an external speaker system, this isn’t required with the Party Mix Live. It remains to be seen how good the speakers actually are.

Image Credit: Numark

Party Mix II – $119

Image Credit: Numark

Party Mix Live – $179

Image Credit: Numark

Both the Party Mix II and Party Mix Live have all of the necessary basic controls needed, and are well priced as entry-grade controllers for beginners and those DJing house parties.

If you don’t need the latest additions, the original Party Mix is currently on sale for $88.95.

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    These decks are amazing for beginners, i also have a numark 2 thats very old and still works and i use it occasionally, It just fits in my backpack and thats why i can easily bring it to small parties or friends.
    Such good memories with these small decks. And a very good start for beginners to learn to mix, not too much distraction with loads of buttons.
    My friend mixes with big ones on weddings and other parties haha, you can see his deck


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