Music by Numbers 2020 report reveals music industry’s £5.8bn boost to economy before Covid-19 hit

The UK Music annual report shows impressive growth in the UK music industry before pandemic hit.

Noisy Women Podcast Heads Into Season 2

The podcast Noisy Women that focuses on conversations with female voices in the music industry returns for season 2.

Vinyl records are making more money than CDs, first time since the 1980s

For the first time in 4 decades vinyl records have reclaimed their place as the most valuable physical form of music in the US. It’s been a shaky year for the music industry. After a…

Whilst CD sales are down, Cassette Tapes are making a comeback in 2020

Whilst CDs continue their drastic fall from grace cassettes are joining vinyl in a surprising resurgence of popularity. In recent years music revenues around the world have been increasing after almost two decades of continuous…