After a ban on ticketed events effectively cancelled live music gigs in New York, NY SLA defended their decision saying regulations have been there since the start.

Last week, it was reported that no restaurants, bars and clubs in New York state can offer ticketed events, even if social distance measures are taken. This news came as a massive blow to musicians, effectively banning live music gigs.

Since many musicians and business owners spoke out about the decision, SLA doubled down saying nothing has changed and regulations have been in place since the start of the outbreak.

This guidance is not new — live entertainment activities, including all ticketed events, have been prohibited since New York went on PAUSE in mid-March to stop the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to New Yorkers’ hard work, we have achieved, and so far maintained, one of the lowest rates of infection in the country, but these high-risk gatherings would create exactly the situation we are trying to avoid, where people congregate, mingle, and create congestion at points of ingress and egress.

This week, after seeing an increase in establishments advertising ticketed events, the SLA clarified language on its website and proactively emailed all bars and restaurants to ensure they were aware of the months-old restrictions. New Yorkers need to remember we are still fighting a global pandemic — and with dozens of states facing outbreaks, we must continue to take the threat of spreading COVID at mass gatherings seriously.

SLA (New York State Liquor Authority)

Those hit by the regulations continue to voice their frustration, asking how restaurants can stay open seating customers 6 feet apart from each other, but not allow bands or comedians to perform in the same setting.

United Entertainment Industry Professionals of NY are reportedly considering taking legal action against the ban. A petition online has gathered over 13,000 signatures to overturn the ban.