Facebook launches new BARS app for making and sharing your own raps

TikTok for rappers? New BARS app lets aspiring rappers create 60-second videos over professional beats.

New York state respond to the ban on live music: “This guidance is not new”

After a ban on ticketed events effectively cancelled live music gigs in New York, NY SLA defended their decision saying regulations have been there since the start. Last week, it was reported that no restaurants,…

New York state bans all ticketed events, effectively cancelling all live music gigs

After some venues re-opened their doors, new coronavirus guidelines have forced the doors of New York’s bars and restaurants offering live music to close. All bars and restaurants in New York state offering any live…

Glossary of music terms and what they mean

Music theory can be confusing at times. Here are a handful of music terms you’ll need to be aware of when collaborating with fellow musicians. For a breakdown of common music industry terms, click here….