Improved new Spire Studio from iZotope delivers quality recordings quickly on the go

Image Credit: iZotope

Spontaneously record and edit your music whenever you want with the updated second generation Spire Studio device from iZotope.

Audio technology makers iZotope recently announced the release of their upgraded Spire Studio recorder. It’s a wireless smart recording device, with built-in effects tools that make it super-easy for vocalists and instrumentalists to record wherever and whenever an idea may strike.

Spire Studio is able to act as an on-the-go recording engineer, offering built-in intelligent audio processing and can sync to production tools on the cloud.

So what’s changed in the second generation? There’s more storage with the new Spire Studio and improved, crisper preamps for your gear. The preamps promise a smoother sound, for professional-sounding recordings.

You also get a six month free trial of processing app Spire Pro. The device features pedalboard effects and amp simulators, an integrated 360°condenser mic, and includes an auto-mastering tool, Enhance, which is powered by iZotope’s Ozone. The controls for recording are simple and the Soundcheck feature auto-sets your levels as you sing or play.

The new generation has kept the same design as the first version. Unfortunately, the upgrade comes with a catch – the price. The new version will set you back a steep $499, up on the already wince-inducing $350 of the original.

Spire Studio Specifications:
  • Connection Type: Built-in Wi-Fi network
  • Power Supply: Universal power adapter
  • Battery: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery Life: 4+ hours
  • Supported Operating System: Android, iOS
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 inches
  • Inputs: 2 XLR/TS combo jacks, 48v Phantom Power
  • Outputs: Two headphone 1/8″ outputs
  • Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 48 kHz/24-bit

Check out the new Spire Studio here.

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