Nine new tracks to get you into the groove for the weekend ahead.

It’s that time of the week where we treat you with another brilliant selection of music released via RouteNote (for free) for you to get your ears around. This week we bring you sonic treats that expand through the genres, from up-beat dance music through to mellowed out lo-fi.

The following tracks have been added to RouteNote’s exciting new Spotify playlists: Catalyst specializing in dance and chill house, Lo-Fi our chilled hip-hop relaxation playlist, and Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music.

Todd Stucky – Sleeping Alone

Added to Hooked, American electronic producer and songwriter Todd Stucky’s first original single Sleeping Alone is a huge new EDM, house tune that will ignite the party with its powerful bassline.

EQRIC, Salvo, JOZUA – Diamonds

Also getting added to our Hooked playlist, Diamonds is an EDM, slap house cover of Rihanna’s 2012 single of the same name, from Canadian and English electronic producers EQRIC and JOZUA, with vocals from American EDM artist Salvo.

Clouded., Yann Camargo – Escape Your Love

Escape Your Love from Swedish house duo Clouded. and Brazilian electronic DJ & producer Yann Camargo perfectly fits RouteNote’s high tempo, dance playlist Hooked.

Joel Coopa, Charming Horses, Jay Mason – Only You Can

Coming from German house DJs and producers Joel Coopa and Charming Horses, plus Dutch vocalist Jay Mason, chill house track Only You Can is getting added to our dance and house playlist Catalyst.

Bjarne Hendrik, Chullo – Starting Over

Starting Over from Bjarne Hendrik and Chullo will be joining our Catalyst playlist with its chilled piano hook and melodic bass.

Cabuizee – Addicted

The last track being added to our Catalyst playlist is Addicted, the latest EDM, upbeat, melodic bass song from Filipinos DJ and producer Cabuizee.

Jatin Kalia – coffee break

Taking a turn to our super chilled hip-hop playlist Lo-Fi, the first track coffee break comes from Indian producer Jatin Kalia who’s no stranger to calm hip-hop beats.

The Only Snail In Space – C’est Fini

The next track being added to Lo-Fi is C’est Fini off the new album Cosmos from The Only Snail In Space. Lie back and turn up C’est Fini to have your mind drifting away through space.

RICEWINE – Departure

More upbeat, but still fitting right in with our chilled Lo-Fi playlist, Departure is the new self-released single from Australian musician RICEWINE.