You ever wonder just how many people around the world make music? Well a new report tells us and it’s only going to get bigger – much bigger.

Music creators exist far and wide. The number of people who enjoy playing and making music, whether professionals or beginners, are uncountable. But we can take a rough look at “music creators” who are putting out work thanks to the data that activity creates.

A new report from MIDiA Research looks at the staggering numbers of music creators expected to be working in this decade. They report that a temporary slowdown in 2022 saw the year end with 75.9 million music creators, reasonable growth of 12%. However, they predict a massive uptick in the years to come, predicting that there will be 198.2 million music creators by 2030.

Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research reckons that there are two key reasons that music creators are going to inflate. The first is AI, offering casual creation of music with ease. We’re already seeing this, with tools like YouTube’s Dream Track allowing users to create music simply from a prompt using a generated version of top artists’ voices.

The second trend Mulligan points towards is the rise of the consumer creator. Apps like TikTok and Instagram have made the users the content creators as well. They enable anyone to be content creators, and trends suggest that where these apps serve photo and video, music will be next.

We’ve already seen apps like BandLab, a free music-making software available from your browser. There are now many free music creating apps available online. They’re made with an emphasis on accessibility, regardless of your talent, and with socialising.

Managing Director and Senior Music Analyst at MIDiA Research, Mark Mulligan wrote: “The streaming-centred music business and creator tools, once distinct, are merging into one extended value chain. Projected to hit a combined $10 billion by 2030, the creator tools sector is poised for both commercial and cultural transformation.”

He continues: “The days of discrete sectors for audience, creation, rights, and distribution are numbered. Creation is poised to become the linchpin, with a new generation of agile creators embracing models that enable them to navigate all elements concurrently.”

You can find out much more in MIDiA Research’s ‘State of the music creator economy’ report, if you’re happy to shell out £9,000 for it.