With suspiciously good timing as the Digital Economy Bill is hurried along towards becoming law, the National Association of Recording Merchandisers has issued a white paper outlining their recommendations for the development and standardisation of deliverable media and information collection. Essentially aimed at people like us (digital music distributors, that is), record labels, online music stores, that sort of thing, not exactly light reading, but interesting if you want to keep an eye on the future of the digital music industry.

The document can be downloaded by handing over your email through the widget below (powered rather pleasingly by Topspin media)

The White Paper details historical information on standardization both within the music industry and in other industries, along with member-identified and prioritized issues surrounding identification and communications standards for music release metadata. It is intended to provide an understanding of the core issues currently undermining accurate and efficient delivery of music information and music. It also features recommendations regarding how NARM will work strategically address these topics.