Ben Folds Imitates His Imitator

You may have heard of Chatroulette, the internet’s favourite new way of showing your genitalia to strangers. Well, it’s not all anonynmous wang; this increasingly famous chap called Merton has been entertaining his video partners with improvised songs about them as they appear on their webcams:

His musical stylings were widely compared to a certain Mr. Benjamin Folds, who obviously got to hear about it, because Hypebot picked up the elaborate high-five he pulled by opening up Chatroulette during a live concert he was performing and copying Merton’s antics, making up the same sort of jolly little song.

Now, what I really want to see is a fully improvised version of Trapped In The Closet in this style, or possibly U2 doing the same thing at their next massive arena gig. Mind you, probably too much wang around to do it for an audience of 100,000 people.

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