Muzik Release the First Pair of Smart Headphones

Muzik BlackAfter two years of development, and with the help of $10 million of crowd funding, Muzik are finally ready to release their pair of smart headphones to the World.

The Muzik headphones look like a standard pair of on-ear headphones, but with four well placed buttons on the side that do more than change track and volume, these are unique in their own way. The free Muzik Connect app lets you create customisable tap and swipe gestures on the ear-cup to save a song you want to remember, tweet the track you love, post it to Facebook, etc.
Gesture Controls
Muzik WhiteThe headphones have an open source accelerometer built-in. This adds an extra layer of input to the headphones via head movements. Third party developers can access Muzik’s SDK to create apps and games that integrate the headphones’ tech. Take the headphones off, instantly pause the music. Genius!

Available in black or white, enclosed in aluminium, and memory foam ear cups give these headphones a solid and beautiful build quality.

It’s unlikely these will take the world by storm anytime soon. If it’s sound quality or style you’re looking for, then your money is probably best spent elsewhere, but for $299, you can pickup a pair or headphones with a difference just in time for the holidays.

Find out more here.

Muzik App

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