Retune is the new technology from Muso that aims to create a pathway from pirate websites to legal outlets.

Muso, a content protection and music connection company, have unveiled their new technology Retune that aims to reduce piracy through suggestion rather than force. Retune will be integrated onto pages where music can be pirated and will present an easy way to redirect them to a place where they can find the licensed content.

Muso CEO, Andy Chatterley explained: “Retune is revolutionising the way rights-holders think about piracy. Essentially Retune re-directs pro-active fans who are using piracy channels to access content to legal and licensed channels like Spotify or iTunes, or direct to fan pages and reconnects these audiences that are lost to piracy. Combined with Muso’s strategic anti-piracy system, Retune is changing the face of piracy forever.”

Retune has been in development since 2013 and has been in trial for the past year. As a data collection company the trials helped the company to understand how music pirates work and how to engage with them. Piracy makes up a massive section of the internet, accounting for 24% of all bandwidth and piracy sites receiving over 50 billion visits a year. It’s a massive industry but an illegal one that undercuts content creators from all industries.

The company emphasise that music pirates are avid music fans as well, the appeal of piracy comes from the fact that it’s free. For some it may be that they can’t afford it and others that they don’t want to purchase something before trying it out. Retune will show users to streaming services where it’s free to play as well as stores where users can purchase if they wish to.

Chief commercial officer at Muso, Christopher Elkins said: “We think audiences deserve a better, more positive experience, and Retune delivers that, at the optimal moment online. Having the privilege to already work with over 1,000 rights owners globally, we understand they want the same thing; a closer, better engagement with their audiences. With Retune, we’ve really managed to deliver what rights owners have been asking us for, a platform that enables them to fight piracy on their own terms, with their own message, in a data-led, scalable way that delivers outstanding cost-effectiveness when compared with other click-marketing platforms.”