New statistics show that more people are listening to music than ever before thanks to the birth of music streaming.

Music Streaming is creating a music revolution. Nearly all of the music in the world is now at your fingertips creating the biggest range in music tastes since music began. It’s now clear that this has also created the most music listeners ever.

New statistics from Statista provided for Business Insider show that people are listening to loads of music every day. Average listeners across the US listened to 32.1 hours of music a day, that’s almost 1-and-a-half entire days. Compared to 2015 and 2016 when it was roughly a day a week for both this is a massive jump.

How do you know people aren’t just listening to music more, how is it streaming? Asides from millions of other reasons, the stats show pretty clearly that streaming subscribers are the bigger listeners. On average music subscribers listened to 4 more hours of music every week than average music listeners did.

Spotify subscribers streaming data surging rise

Elsewhere Statista showed how Spotify’s paid subscribers are rocketing in numbers. The past year has been phenomenal in general for music and Spotify are a true showcase of the re-surging music industry going doubling in subscribers in just over a year.

The years not over yet and it’s already been a record year for music in so many ways. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.