When starting on building your home studio, microphone choice and variation can be very daunting. It can be hard to know what microphone to choose that will suite your needs. Obviously it varies depending on what you’re after, but a great all round microphone to get started on would be a large diaphragm condenser microphone. They’re great for vocals, but can be used on a load of different instruments, acoustic guitar, electric guitar amplifier, bass cabinet, drums, violins, percussion, really anything. As you grow in capability, you may want to expand further into the microphone world.

Behringer C-1Condenser microphones are known for being more expensive, but the Behringer C-1 can be picked on Amazon for £30. This uses an XLR input, so you will need phantom power. This is best provided with a mixing desk, however a USB version of this microphone that gets the power from the USB, can be found here, the Behringer C-1U. For some sound tests, check out some videos on YouTube. It seems a great quality of sound for the price.