Previous to Logic Pro X, Melodyne was the best program out there for fine tuning audio files, such as vocal parts within a mix. This software hasn’t been updated in a few years, its not the most user friendly, and design is very outdated.

With the release of Logic Pro X, this gives a great way to alter individual pitches of an audio file, with a feature they call Flex Pitch. These tools built into a great DAW, at a reasonable price is something totally new.

Flex Pitch allows the controls commonly seen in MIDI alterations, but with audio files.
Pitches of the notes can be changed with a single drag of the note, the note can be locked to the exact pitch, notes can snap to a particular key or scale, vibrato can be increased or decreased, pitch slides between notes can be altered, individual note gain can be changed.
All these tools are available, without leaving Logic.

Flex Pitch Logic Pro X